How do I choose a photographer?
The most important thing to do when considering someone to document this special time is to read reviews and view portfolios. It can be a very personal experience and you want to be sure you are comfortable with your photographer. You also want to be sure that his or her style represents you. If you love the studio look, I am probably not the photographer for you. There are many great people who work in the studio. My training is in photojournalism however so my joy is to capture very natural feeling photos. I believe this is best done in your home or another familiar setting. I will be looking for window light in your home to give us soft and beautiful images. I have been photographing babies and families on location for over 20 years and have found this is the best way to get the kinds of natural and beautiful images my clients really love.

Where do we do the session?
I come to you for your session so that you and baby can stay cozy and comfortable at home. This means you don't need to pack up outfits or special props and we can switch them out easily. It also makes feedings and changings and managing siblings or other family members lower stress.

What age should I book for?
Every age is precious. There is no wrong time to do it. The only thing I will say is that we can't get time back so err on the side of sooner because you can always add sessions later. That said, if you plan to do only one session and want to capture your baby at a really young age, here are some thoughts. The first week is a blur and is a really momentous time to document. Most babies don't start smiling until around one month. I believe something magical happens around three months and babies come out of the "fourth trimester" and in to our world a little more fully. You are also into the swing of things and have adjusted a bit to having this new little person around. Six months is very fun because babies are so interactive and can stay awake a little longer. Nine months often means crawling and pulling to stand so comes with lots of milestones. And some people love to mark one year with a birthday celebration or intimate photos of their little one on their first anniversary of life. If you'd like to capture more than one of these ages, I do offer discounts for multiple sessions within the first year of life.

What if I'm not photogenic?
I hear you! I'm not a fan of being on the other side of the camera myself. The beauty of hiring someone who specializes in a more photojournalistic style is that we take a lot of photos. Humans are dynamic and we move a lot. Our faces hold so many expressions and we look different from different angles. My goal is always to make sure that you come away with photos that you feel beautiful in, whether you love being in front of the camera or not. My style is very low pressure and you never have to worry about getting it all in a few poses. I love to hear what you feel good in and my sessions evolve naturally so that when I see something really working I can spend more time with it.

What if my baby is fussy?
By now you can tell my bias and this is another vote for the more relaxed in. home session. In addition, I allow 2-3 hours for my baby sessions to ensure that we capture countless beautiful moments. If your baby is fussy, we ride it out. We have time to change the scene or feed the baby. If abby falls asleep, we take some slumber photos. Believe me, I have seen it all!

What does the session include?
After I get back to my computer, I edit and adjust your photos myself. You always end up with a rich portfolio of images from our time together. I will upload this to an online gallery where you can view them and download them all. You will own your photos and can print them wherever you like. There are many options available via the site I provide but no requirement to use it whatsoever. Your package also includes two 16 x 20 prints or a $100 credit for the gallery shop.

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I believe the photos you will love best will be the ones that capture your baby naturally and show the connection between you and the love within your family. To get photos like these, it is important to feel comfortable. My first goal in any session is to put you at ease. While it's normal to feel nervous about everything going well on the day of your photo shoot, my hope is that you will come to find it a really enjoyable experience. You will come away with visual treasures from this day that you can share with your child and others for years to come. So sit back and be in this moment as much as possible. Your baby may cry, your baby may sleep, your baby may need 10 diaper changes. It doesn't matter. With time and space, the cream will rise to the top and you will have a portfolio of beautiful moments to love and share. I welcome your thoughts and wishes going into the day so that together we can make sure you love your photos.

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