Whether your mission is personal or professional, you are here because you are seeking beautiful photos that will either preserve what is dear to you or help communicate and promote your purpose. 

I have been shooting for over 20 years - everything from editorial to advertising, weddings to newborns, headshots to engagement, and pregnancy to family. I have clients who first came to me for their senior photos and who returned year after year, allowing me to  document their engagement, pregnancy, newborn and then family photos. This is such a privilege for me and these are relationships that matter. 

I am trained as a photojournalist so I am always looking to create images that marry beauty and truth. I take lots of photos and I want your experience to be fun and the result to thrill you. I like to give most of my sessions 2 or more hours so that it is a low stress experience, we have time to switch up outfits or locations depending upon the shoot and so we can follow the magic when it happens. I will know I've done my job well when you say you love so many of the photos that it's hard to choose what to use. I like to imagine each shoot as an assignment for National Geographic, meaning my aim is to tell the full story with a rich and diverse collection of images.

Maybe you have a distinct vision for what you want. Maybe you have no idea and just know you need photos. It doesn't matter. Show me what you like. Tell me what you want. Reach out to me and we will make it happen.

when you have a mission, super Photos are your 

What can I do for you?

“Essentially what photography is
is life lit up.”  Sam Abell



Your time with me is yours to use however you like. I am always open to different locations and it often works to have a couple settings in our 2-3 hour window. Who you invite to your session is totally up to you. Want grandparents to come for the last half hour? Sure. Want to get some headshots for your business while I'm there? Sure. Want to try five outfits on your little one? Sure. Tell me your priorities and we will build the session around them. 

how many people, outfits, locations can I include?

Sometimes the most beautiful images happen right away. More often, however, it can take a little time to settle into the process and feel comfortable being photographed. The session evolves as we go. When the light and setting and energy all come together, we want to be able to follow the magic. Time allows for a more relaxed vibe and especially helps when children or babies are involved. Kids  feel it if their adults are stressed and giving everyone breathing room allows kids to be kids and makes for the best photos.

Why do you allow so much time for the session?

There are so many talented people in the world and even in your community. Look at portfolios when you choose a photographer. See what you like and let that guide you. If you love the studio look, many people are doing that well. If you are drawn to a more photojournalistic style, then I'd love to work with you. I have two main purposes when I come to shoot - to document and to make art. In other words, to make art out of your life. I've been gratified to have many clients over the years say that their sessions have become favorite family memories.

Why choose you?

Because I take so many images and insist on doing the editing and adjusting myself, a fair bit of the work I do starts after the shoot. I put a lot into the post-production process so that your photos will really shine, but you should see your photos within two weeks, often sooner, when I send you a link to your online gallery.

When do we get to see our photos?

Frequently asked questions.

Photographers work in a variety of ways. Many make their income by charging for rights to photos or controlling ownership so clients pay for each print or product. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is the opposite of how I work. My joy is in creating beautiful images, not in charging for reprints. I believe that your images should be yours. Now and always. Your session is 2-3 hours of coverage and you will get all adjusted images in high quality digital form and a beautiful online gallery. You can download them all to keep and print however and whenever you like. Sessions also come with two 16 x 20 prints or a $100 print credit. For baby packages or commercial rates please see the links below.

Most sessions are $630. No extra costs.
You own your images.

How much?