How often do we wish we could stop time and keep our loved ones just as they are now? But we know the beauty of life is in the growth, the change, the flowering. Thank heavens for photography! It allows us to hold today - forever. 

And that is the purpose of my work. Documenting today for you. Documenting the people you love now - and in each now you want to preserve going forward. So you can relax and love each stage with a peaceful heart. We can't freeze time. But we can freeze a thousand little moments. The camera gives us back that which is fleeting. The camera returns to us the details we are too busy to notice. The camera even allows us to feel again how we felt in a moment. 

Great photography is about light, comfort and opportunity. Seeing light and knowing how to use it. Putting people at ease. Creating the circumstances where magic can happen. If you give me the opportunity, I will take care of the rest.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
– Marc Riboud

let's illuminate yours

"Her professionalism, creativity, friendliness and demeanor are more than you could ask for. She will provide you with more beautiful photos than you know what to do with. Thank you Oona for creating amazing memories for my family!" JONNI PRINCE 

"She makes me look like a model every time!"

"Remember that wherever your heart is,
there you will find
your treasure."
Paulo Coelho 

Real life is beautiful

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” - Aaron Siskind 

"She will take the frame-worthy photos you dream about. Photos that will adorn your house for decades. She will immortalize the fleeting moments that make your wedding-day memories magic. Because we loved her work so much, we hired her for our pregnancy, and newborn/family pics two times over. Not only does Oona have magic in her camera - she is great to work with. The photo sessions are fun and she goes out of her way to make sure you get the results and images you want. Highly recommended." JENNIFER ROGERS

let's illuminate yours

What an amazing talent you have. Oona, you’ve given us something we will treasure for generations to come. I am so grateful for you. I absolutely cannot wait to share these with our family and friends! It’s funny... my husband has not stopped saying, ‘I LOVE these pictures. It was worth every penny and more. I’m so glad we did this!’ Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!" CHRISTINA HARRIS

"Oh my heavens... I CRIED when I saw these pictures.

 “Only photography has been able to divide human life into a series of moments. each of them has the value of a complete existence.”  Eadweard Muybridge

What a special treat to have someone capture the true essence of your family. Oona has the gift of capturing everyone's spirit. We loved every minute with her. JULYN COOK