welcome to

the baby lounge


Some people just love babies. We can’t help it. Seeing a new little life join our world brings us such joy and touches a chord within. I have photographed hundreds of babies over the years but each time is special. Each one is somebody’s greatest love.

and others are falling in love
for the first time

Or maybe you've never been that person. But here is this little wonder in your arms. Undoubtedly yours is the cutest baby ever born. Maybe you are a seasoned pro or maybe you don't know what the heck you are doing. One thing I can promise you is we will capture the magic of the moment, even if right now it feels like a shitshow. (Literally :) I believe your baby’s first year may be the most important milestone you will experience and documenting this time will be a gift you give both yourself and your child. So don't wait to be rested. Don't wait for perfect. There is no such thing. But there is real and there is beautiful. Together we can make it last. So yes, I am unabashedly baby crazy. And I am here to document your little one’s entrance into this beautiful and crazy life. You are in good hands.

"With every newborn baby, a little sun rises." Irmgard Erath