Working Together

You've decided to spend your lives together - congratulations! As you've probably discovered, from that most important decision comes countless other decisions about how to celebrate and document your union.

You've heard that choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day but the choices can feel overwhelming. Where to begin? How do you make sure you won’t get anyone too corny? How do you ensure you are hiring a true professional with years of experience?

As you approach this decision, look for three things.

1) A photographer with a portfolio that makes your heart sing.

2) A photographer that you feel you might actually want to spend some time with!

3) A photographer with loads of experience, professional training and heaps of great reviews.

When couples choose me to document this pivotal day in their lives, they are choosing powerful, reliable and beautiful coverage of their day. But they are also choosing what I hope will be a meaningful relationship with me as their personal photographer for many years to come.

I have been privileged to begin this relationship with countless clients as they approach their engagement photos or wedding day photography and see it deepen over time as they call me back for pregnancy, newborn and family photos over the years. What an honor it is for me to document all of these amazing milestones. Some of these times are quite intimate and that trust allows us to document and preserve amazing moments together.

Sometimes I get the true hams - the real camera lovers who are comfortable in front of the lens on any given day, know which angles suit them best or are confident enough that they feel beautiful from any angle. That is always super fun.

But more often, my clients are a little trepidatious about seeking out so much coverage! They know they should get engagement photos but wonder what that will be like. Or they know great coverage of their wedding day is non-negotiable but kind of wish they didn't have to be the center of attention.

If this is you, I've got you covered. I will do all I can to put you at ease. I've done this hundreds of times and don't worry, I've seen it all. You will relax into it and I promise, you won't look awkward. You may even have fun. In fact, I think most people are surprised to find out how much fun they actually have. (Yes - even those reticent grooms!)

I'd love to make this process a little easier for you. Let’s have coffee and talk about collaborating on your beautiful day!