Who Do You Love?

"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true." Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Do you sometimes wish you could freeze time and keep your loved ones just as they are now? And yet we know the beauty of life is in the growth, the change, the flowering.

That is the gift of photography. It allows us to hold today - forever.

Knowing I can capture my daughters today - each little moment and each funny quirk, before the next phase replaces it - this is what gives me comfort and allows me to live each day fully.

And that is the purpose of my work.

Documenting today for you.

Documenting the people you love now -

and in the next now -

and in each now you want to preserve going forward.

So you can relax and love each stage with a peaceful heart.

We can't freeze time.

But we can freeze a thousand little frames.