May your wedding story live, breathe and dazzle

Photojournalism and documentary photography are about telling a story visually. Photography literally means to write with light. What I love about my work is the opportunity to tell the wedding day story in a rich collection of images using my knowledge and love of light. I see each wedding day as a very important magazine or book assignment, one in which the perfect outcome will rely upon gorgeous scene setters, colorful details, meaningful portraits and most of all, an exciting visual narrative of emotion and interactions.

When couples look back on their portfolio of images, I want them to be surprised at all of the striking details that made up their day and also moved by the love and natural feeling living in their images. I want them to share their photos with friends and family who will be moved to laughter and tears at the re-living of this monumental day. I want them to proudly share their photos with their future kids so that their children can feel just what it was like to be there and can marvel at the beauty and love that was their parents’ wedding day.

As a student of photojournalism, I fell in love with the idea that real life is beautiful. It is an art to document what is unfolding naturally. I had little love for posed formal photos when I first began shooting weddings close to 15 years ago. I soon discovered, however, that the formal photo is also an art. I have clients who want to document every combination of family they can imagine and I have other clients who run screaming form the formal photo. Wherever you fall along that spectrum, have no fear. We will tailor the day to your vision for your photos.

Most couples who choose me do so because they want their photos to look and feel natural. They want their wedding day to have a happy and easy flow, trusting that I am capturing every little thing they will want to look back on. They want their story to live, breathe and dazzle in a rich collection of images worthy of being the cover story in their favorite magazine.